“​Dave and Lucy are such loving and caring human beings. True masters of their craft, that will go above and beyond to help you achieve your movement potential. Love them!”
– Kyle Hanenberg

“Lucy exudes a passion for her craft that I’ve witnessed in few professionals, she is a must see if you are in the area and looking for anything from correctives to performance!”
– Kyle Dobbs

“Lucy and Dave are changing the game in health and performance. Their ability to work together as a team is unlike anything in the industry. They are both passionate, hardworking, and truly care about their clients. Not to mention they’re hilarious – if you get a chance to work with one or both, you will not be disappointed!”

Brianna Shea Larson

Enhancing Life Member

“I began training with Dave Wilton and Lucy Hendricks in October 2015 after recovering from back surgery. I had sciatic nerve damage from spinal stenosis and degenerative disc which resulted in severe leg weakness, loss of stability and balance. Dave and Lucy designed a program for my specific needs in order to maximize my current physical capabilities and improve my overall health. I have now lost 30 lbs., regained leg strength, have improved my balance and can now play some tennis. The neurosurgeon who performed my surgery stated that I’m doing better than 90-95% of the people who have had my back issues and surgery. He was extremely pleased with my progress and told me to keep doing what I’m doing. I could never have reached my current physical level without the help and support Dave and Lucy. I would highly recommend Enhancing Life to anyone who is serious about getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle.”
– David B. Ross

“Shortly after I started working with Dave and Lucy, my neck and shoulder aches and tightness disappeared and has not returned. As an added bonus, I have never felt stronger or more mobile. My goal is to be able to play tennis competitively into my 80’s and continue to feel like I do now. Currently in my mid 40’s, I’m still able to beat players half my age. My programs are customized to my individual goals and updated monthly. I undergo assessments regularly, and am given corrective exercises for any deficiencies. Whenever I finish a workout, I always feel better than when I started. I cannot recommend Enhancing Life enough!!”
– Amy L. Smith

“I started with Dave and Lucy last November. I am an active duty service member and fitness is an essential part to my everyday life. After years of doing what everyone else in the gym was doing and seeing little if any change or benefit, I decided to join ENHANCING LIFE. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I came in with shoulder issues from a previous torn rotator cuff which never seemed to heal…even after two rounds of physical therapy. Additionally, I had moderate knee pain in my right knee that was severely impacting my ability to run, a core component to my physical fitness test at work. I was amazed at how quickly the discomfort in both areas subsided after about six weeks of working out twice a week. I also noticed considerable gains in strength and overall muscle tone. One of the most important aspects of the program Dave has consistently guided me through is my diet. While I still have a long way to go with it, I have certainly improved what I eat and how much. This in and of itself has changed how feel. When I first joined, EVERYTHING the team had me doing was completely foreign and I must admit, I had my doubts. Lucy and Dave kept telling me to stick to the program and it will work… they were right! I now work out three times a week and each time I notice some level of improvement in my physical fitness. I cannot say enough great things about the professionalism and knowledge Dave and Lucy bring to every session. I am pain free for the first time in a decade and I am the most physically fit I have ever been at the age of 44. The sky is the limit and I am excited about where ENHANCING LIFE will take me in reaching my fitness goals.

My sincerest thanks to Dave and Lucy for all they have done for me.”
– Brian Mcmorrow

“I came to Enhancing Life with hopes of relieving reoccurring aches in my back, as well as to address a recently acquired running injury resulting in tension in my right hip and hamstring.

Lucy and Dave were extremely knowledgable and professional. After having me walk around the gym for a little while they were able to identify the areas we needed to prioritize, and we got started with the surprisingly simple exercises… After my first session I was blown away! My achey back seemed to release almost immediately, and I could now walk without significant tension in my hip again.

Since my second session my back has felt much more relaxed, and with the guidance and exercises provided by Lucy and Dave I can maintain a routine at home which I can feel strengthens, corrects and aligns my body in ways my years of yoga practice has been unable to match (granted, this may be due to ignorance and bad habits related to posture).

Furthermore, using these techniques as a “warm up” has been crucial in being able to continue my yoga practice without discomfort following my running injury, and while I do still feel tension in my right hip and hamstring it has been greatly reduced – my back is mostly ache free and when something pops up I now have methods of finding relief. I credit this to Lucy and Dave at Enhancing life and trust them 100% when it comes to aiding me in a full recovery.

This is not your traditional “no pain no gain” approach, more of a “practicing what the body is designed to do” style of exercise.

ANYONE can do the exercises and reap the benefits of what Enhancing Life has to offer. Cannot recommend enough.”
– Jonas Ladekjaer

“This place is wonderful. Lucy and Dave are incredibly caring and knowledgeable, dedicated to working with each individual on their own terms. They continue to be aware of research and shifts in social and cultural behaviors as they relate to wellbeing.” ​ “I started following Lucy Hendricks online in 2015. Every time I heard her on a podcast I was blown away with her knowledge and her out of the box thinking. I had been struggling for over 5 years to regain mobility, balance, and strength I had lost after several knee surgeries. I contacted Lucy at the beginning of 2016 with high hopes that she could help me. I live over 2 hours away from Lexington, but was desperate for help. I was not disappointed. After just the first visit I was moving better and was doing things to improve my movements that seemed so simple, yet very effective. Lucy is great at giving you cues that are easy to understand to get you in the right position. She starts you at the level you need to be and moves you up when the proper movement patterns are ingrained in you, so proper form is natural. Lucy makes working with her from a distance easier than I had anticipated. She makes sure you understand the movements and is always available if you have questions. She tailored my workouts to fit with the limited time I have available to get them in. She is great at addressing any questions or concerns that may come up along the way. I am happy to report that my knee feels stronger than even before my surgeries and my form and mobility is the best it’s been in my life. Working with Lucy is one of the best choices I have ever made and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to better their health.”
– Darcy Workman

“Since joining Enhancing Life I have never felt better. I have learned so much from Dave and Lucy about the way I exercise, breath, eat and manage stress. If you are looking for a place to only help you lose weight or beat you down then this is probably not the place for you. The focus instead is on a holistic approach to health. I love getting to lift heavy s#*% and transform fat into lean muscle. The mobility work, which is stressed, has helped all those little aches and pains disappear. I used to have low back pain creep in monthly, but not anymore. I can effortlessly get down on the floor and bear crawl after my kids or hinge and throw them up in the air without issue. The best part of all this is that I am only in the gym for two hours a week! I am 100% convinced that I would not have gotten to the place I am on my own. The energy Dave and Lucy bring to the gym is contagious so you never dread walking through the doors. The best thing I can say is that the trainers and fellow gym mates treat you like family.”
– Micah Johnson