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Training that focuses on you.

Here at Enhancing Life, we offer several different types of training for our clients to fit their needs. Before a client starts with any of our classes, workshops, or our semi-private training, they’ll go through an orientation session to get familiar with our style of training.

Orientation starts with a comprehensive movement assessment to note any painful movements, flexibility issues, movement restrictions or anything we should be aware of as we train you. Through different breathing exercises, expect to leave your orientation with a new understanding of your body and how our training will impact your health.


Our Semi-Private Training are groups of 2-3 people. Each person receives their own personalized program uniquely designed for their personal goals. This is where little changes make a huge difference. Our coaching style is known for its attention to detail and for its ability to appropriately progress you, making every exercise comfortable and pain-free. Training with us is a journey. You will learn how good your body can feel and what it can accomplish.



Group classes are anywhere between 6-12 students and are designed to offer training that’s more affordable, but still carries the same level of quality and attention as our semi-private group training does. Each week we work to put together a set of effective curriculum that’s easy to follow in a group setting. Since it’s not a cookie-cutter program like most group classes, you’ll begin with a comprehensive assessment that will determine exactly where you need to start. This allows us to modify your training to match your ability level.



We offer workshops regularly for our students in a variety of topics including diet & nutrition, breathing techniques, sleep, alignment exercises, and more. Workshops are always announced via our website, our scheduling app, and through social media. Most of these workshops are included at no charge for our semi-private group training students, and with a small fee for others.


Give our gym a test drive

We start off all new clients with a free 2 week trial so they can understand our style of training and what to expect when they work with us. Check out the sign up form to your right for more information.

Work with us for 2 weeks, free!