Getting healthy is not just about exercising and eating less. It’s not about enduring through miserable diets and workouts that cause nothing but pain. That’s not the mentality we take at Enhancing Life. People don’t need to be told to suck it up and do the work anyway, even if they’re miserable.

At Enhancing Life, we understand that when people don’t have the basic life needs met, we can’t expect them to be extremely motivated to exercise. We understand the lack of stress management affects everyone differently. It can manifest into physical symptoms that prevent people from enjoying exercise and being successful with it

So when life gets stressful and the last thing you feel like doing is exercise, we get it. There is no judgment coming from us. Instead, we try to figure out how to adapt our training to meet you where you’re at.

However, it doesn’t mean things have to be like that forever! Our bodies are not meant to be fragile and thrown off by unexpected situations. Our motivation to train/energy shouldn’t go out the window because of two nights of bad sleep.

There’s a way to prepare your body to be more resilient to stress. There IS a way to continue to train even when life throws you curve balls. There’s even a way to use hardcore training to make your body anti-fragile and more resilient to stress, but that comes after the non-sexy least exciting work.

For you it might be focusing on the quality of your sleep, eliminating unnecessary stressors like toxic people or situations, spending time in nature, meditating…etc.

That’s why we created our 6 pillars. 

We live in a world where it’s common to reach for over-the-counter and prescription drugs or vitamin supplements that offer a simple solution to a health problem. However, quick fixes from bottles of pills rarely alleviate both symptoms and the root problem.

Whether you struggle with your weight, chronic pain, or depression, seldom is there just a single cause and, therefore, there’s not a single magic solution.

We believe in getting back to the basics.

This encompasses everything from sunlight, sleep, food, meditation (or mindfulness), social connection, connection to nature, and last but not least–increased fitness and conditioning. Knowledge is power. To help our clients achieve and sustain results that last a lifetime, we’ve come up with six life pillars.

  1. Mindfulness 
  2. Lifting
  3. Real Food
  4. Nature
  5. Community
  6. Sleep 

Which one do you think you have to work on? We will be describing ours over the next few blog post.