Why is mindfulness important?

Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique whereby our awareness is focused on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. With our busy schedules and technology-filled environments, we’re becoming a society that struggles with mindfulness.

Reduced mindfulness and stress tolerance can be one of the biggest obstacles people run into when trying to achieve sustainable results. The appearance of low motivation and lack of willpower people display are often simply because they are distracted, emotionally drained, and depressed.

For many people, making it through a day without their body turning against them is actually a win. Imagine the challenge of working out in this condition. Many factors like past trauma, lack of financial resources, current environment, or simply not knowing where to start can all play a part in how your body and mind behave.

When your mind is constantly wandering, ruminating, and anxious, healthy behaviors such as consistent exercise and eating well can become nearly impossible to maintain, which is why mindfulness is a major priority for everyone who joins our gym.

Through our detailed coaching, mindful movement routines, breathing exercises, educational workshops, meditation challenges, and non-judgmental community, we hope to set the standard for how the health and fitness industry approach mental wellness.
As an added benefit, this will help our clients cope with the daily struggles people deal with in silence, build stress resilience, and enable them to become more present within their lives.