This is the week’s education session and the challenge will be around movement.

The gym has been closed for a week and the last thing people should do right now is sedentary.

Movement has many benefits and can impact different aspects of health.

Today we’re talking about how it can impact the way you feel, how well you recover, and pain.

Here’s the education session:



Step One:

Pick ONE from each section.

Section 1: Lower Body

variation 1:

12 BW Squats

variation 2:

12 Assisted Squats


Section 2:Upper Body

variation 1:

8 Walkouts with Shoulder Tap

Variation 2:

8 Walkouts


Section 2: Split Stance

variation 1:

Assisted Split Squat

variation 2:

90/90 Single Leg Bridge



For the next week, go through the 3 exercises you picked, 4x times a day.

You can split them all up and do 1 round every few hours, or pair them up like a little circuit. As long as it adds up to 4 full rounds of each exercise.





Build a checklist and let’s see who can make it all week with 4x rounds of three exercises throughout the day!