Here’s a tip for those with chronic pain and/or those who struggle finding exercises that don’t hurt.

“Work with What You Have”

That’s something we say a lot when a client experiences some discomfort or pain with an exercise.

Pain during an activity can lead to a lot of fear, which makes people never want to try it again.

(For good reason, who wants to have pain while doing exercises? No none!)

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to get to the point where that exercise feels great without it hurting.

That’s where “work with what you have” comes in play:

If your knees are starting to hurt on your way down into a squat, stop right before it and work with that range instead of going all the way down.

The more you introduce that move, the faster your muscles will adapt and get stronger, which can lead to you being able to do something you were not able to do before.

You’re body is extremely adaptable! But it’s also extremely complex.

Which is why you shouldn’t beat yourself down if you haven’t found a workout regime that you’re comfortable with.

Look for a professional that can meet you where you’re at. Being able to enjoy exercise IS 100% possible, even if you have chronic pain!