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Upcoming Winter Schedule & Group Classes

Our Group Training classes have started!! From now until the end of the year clients can have unlimited access to them for $99! Bonus: Enhancing Life members get FREE class until the end of [...]

An Open Letter to Our Clients

Let’s talk about breathing. As a member of Enhancing Life, I’m sure you’re aware that breathing is a pretty hot topic around the fitness industry and one that we believe is extremely important. Keep in [...]

Upgrading Your Warm-up

Our warm-ups have two goals: 1) Get your moving better and feeling better 2) Get your ready to have a great training session Our friend Sachin Patel of Living Proof Institute recorded me taking a [...]

Does Your Personal Trainer Talk About Sleep?

Our good friend Dave Rascoe from Texas shares some amazing tips you can easily implement into your sleep routine. Sleep is extremely downplayed. If you're not making it a priority, you'll have a hard time [...]