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We know that gyms can be a scary place.

Everyone always looks so strong, they always look like they know what they’re doing, and worst of all, no one’s really there to show you what to do. Sure, you could ask one out of staff of 50 to help teach you how to use the machines, but will that really help? Will that actually make you feel more confident about your form, about lifting weights, or about your body in general? For a lot of people the answer is no, and that’s where we come in.

At Enhancing Life, we want people who feel like the gym is an intimidating place. We want people who’ve tried spinning class for 2 hours straight and absolutely hated it. We want people who’ve tried programs where they make you flip tires and deadlift on your first day, but just couldn’t do it. We want people who’ve tried to exercise at conventional gyms, but never felt like running on the treadmill and lifting a few dumbbells is really going to help them. These are the people we want.

Enhancing Life is all about making people feel comfortable with exercise and meeting them where they’re at. We don’t push and shove to get immediate results, instead we work together with our clients to create sustainable results that last. With our experience in both conventional training methods, and our focus on restorative breathing techniques and functional medicine, we look at your health in a holistic way. Things like sleep, stress, and your diet matter just as much as how hard you’re lifting or how much you’re running.

If you’ve ever felt scared or just not comfortable at another gym, let us show you how we’re different. No moments where you’re feel like you’re dying, no intimidation, and definitely no tire flipping (at least on your first day!).

Lucy & Dave

Lucy & David