We’re the gym you don’t have to be scared of!

Tired of feeling intimidated by big box gyms? Or maybe you don’t want to feel like you’re going to throw up after a workout? If you’re not looking to sign up for another round of punishment in the mornings before you head to work, we might be the right gym for you.

We started Enhancing Life with one goal in mind: to help those people that feel intimidated, scared, or anxious of what the typical gym experience is like. If you’ve never stepped foot into a gym or you think being healthy is hard, you’re the perfect client for us.

We Have Client Who Were Once in Your Shoes

We’ll always meet you where you’re at

Here’s Our Guarantee:

  • You will always be comfortable and safe while working out

  • You will learn how to adapt your sessions around you chronic pain and/or autoimmune disease

  • You will find a routine that you will be able to sustain for a lifetime, even when life throws you curve balls

  • You will feel better walking out of the gym than you did walking in

Give our gym a test drive with zero risk!